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Long Distance Records
Philip Tranter's Round
The original 24-hour concept, now superseded by Charlie Ramsay's Round, but a magnificent and natural expedition none-the-less. The 40-mile (20,600 feet of ascent) route takes in the Mamores plus the Grey Corries, Aonachs and Ben Nevis, and was first achieved by Philip Tranter in June 1964.

The fastest known time is currently 10 hours 15 mins and 30 secs, set solo, unsupported and anticlockwise by Finlay Wild on 1st October 2016 [Ref: Finlay's blog]. A stunning effort taking 76 minutes off Mark Harris's partially-supported anticlockwise 11 hours 31 mins of 15th July 2015 [Ref: SHR News] and, as acknowledged by Finlay in taking up the challenge, clearly suggesting sub-10 to be possible! Previous (pre-Harris) recorded bests were the solo/unsupported runs of 12 hours 17 mins clockwise by Stephen Pyke on 3rd June 2012 [Ref: SP] and Mark McDermott's long-standing 1990 anticlockwise record of 12 hours 50 mins [Ref: MM].

The ladies record now stands at 12 hours 25 mins, recorded in mixed conditions on 14th July 2017 by Helen Bonsor running with Andy Fallas [Ref: Carnethy HRC report]. This beat Jasmin Paris's three-year-old mark of 12 hours 41 mins from 26th July 2014 by 16 minutes, with Jasmin having taken nearly two and a half hours off Nicky Spink's 15 hours 10 mins of 29th July 2011 and Nicky 47 minutes off Dawn Scott's 15 hours 57 mins set eleven years earlier. All four runners travelled in the original anticlockwise direction.

The coveted and much attempted 24-hour winter round finally succumbed to a magnificent effort by Dan Gay, Jon Gay and Paul Manson on 1st February 2009, with this redoubtable trio achieving the remarkable time of 18 hours 59 mins 6 secs in truly cold and 'white' conditions.

The following splits were provided by Dan, who told us there were 'a few missing toward the end due to knackeredness. The nadir was Am Bodach, when we considered peeing on Paul's feet to thaw them out.'

  • Ben Nevis 01:35:00
  • Carn Mor Dearg 02:24:00
  • Aonach Mor 03:22:00
  • Aonach Beag 03:44:00
  • Sgurr Choinnich Mor 05:06:00
  • Stob Coire an Laoigh 06:08:00
  • Stob Coire Claurigh 06:48:00
  • Stob Ban 07:31:00
  • Binnean Beag 09:30:00
  • Sgurr Eilde Mor 10:30:00
  • Binnean Mor 11:38:00
  • Na Gruagaichean 12:09:00
  • An Gearanach
  • Stob Coire a' Chairn
  • Am Bodach
  • Sgor an Iubhair
  • Sgurr a' Mhaim 15:28:00
  • Stob Ban 16:33:00
  • Mullach nan Coirean
  • Youth Hostel 18:59:06

We've also received news of a 15 hours 45 mins clockwise completion in wintry conditions on 15th March 2016 by Mark Harris and Adam Harris, accompanied part way by Jon Gay and Al Anthony [Ref: personal communication from Mark Harris]. A cracking effort which can't supplant Dan, Jon and Paul's winter record through falling outwith the core, limited daylight, 'winter' months of December, January and February, but still shows what's possible with appropriate ground conditions.

Some noteworthy earlier winter completions are also briefly noted here:

  • Nick Carter, 29 hours 23 mins, unsupported, 13th/14th January 2001.
  • Glyn Jones, 29 hours 49 mins, solo/unsupported, 13th/14th January 2001 [Ref: FR 6/01].
  • John Fleetwood, 26 hours 40 mins, 18th/19th December 2002 — the quickest known previous winter Tranter Round. His anticlockwise solo/unsupported effort was in cold and icy conditions, but with little snow — a good effort, admirably close to the winter solstice [Ref: FR 6/03].

Page updated 18th July 2017

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