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Tour de Moffat Race Results & Report
Dec 14, 2018

The Tour De Moffat race has been in existence for several the years, the race originator and local running legend Jim Buchannan came up with the race. The route encircles the scenic town, and the distance is just under 6 miles. It is a category SC race under Scottish Hill Running classification, meaning short and not a lot of climbing, this makes it ideal for new hill runners to try their hand on and if the weather is bad the race, in most cases, could still go ahead in December.

This year Jim became the Club President of the newly formed Hartfell Hill Running Club, so quite appropriately the club members all pitched in to try and make the first race associated with the club a success. As with the club’s ethos to support events that involve the local community or are for charity, it was decided to make the race a fund raiser for the Moffat Mountain Rescue Team. There was no entry fee but a donation was taken for MMRT instead. The race was the second of 8 races in the club’s winter series.

The day and night before the race there was heavy rain, a check of the course conditions just before dark on Saturday was fed back to the race entrants via Social Media, “course muddier than a very muddy thing, get your most grippy shoes out!” So, it was with some trepidation that the race organisers opened the curtains on Sunday morning to check the weather, they need not have feared, the weatherman’s predictions were correct, so for a second weekend in 3 weeks the Hill Runners of Dumfries and Galloway got to race in glorious sunshine.

The Race this year was sponsored by Moffat Outdoors and Ambacare, both Rick the owner of Moffat Outdoors and his wife Amanda owner of the Osteopath practice Ambacare in Moffat were keen runners before injury and are enthusiastic about supporting the local club and its aims. They provided the first and second place prizes in the age categories.

The race starts by the Station Car Park on the south edge of Moffat, the runners first get to run along the trail next to the river Annan, it skirts around Moffat taking in Gallow Hill, round Hind Hill, past Jenny’s view before the runners return in the from the east passed the rugby club, before finishing in the Park.

The race done, the important part, who won? No, how much money was raised. The race entrants donated £175 for MMRT. Mark Addis, the club Chairperson handed the cheque to Chris Huntley from MMRT. Chris had a good day as he also won the MV60 prize.

The race had entrants from 5 different clubs, with a large number from Dumfries Running Club traveling over to the race, thank you for your support DRC. The furthest a race entrant had travelled was from Melrose, Frank’s Journey was rewarded with first MV70 prize.

The prizes were handed out with the aid of Rick and Amanda’s daughter Katie, Katie was the under 7 Moffat Gala race winner, so it was great to see her had Chris his MV60 prize. A mention for Becky Fletcher from Jog Moffat who in her first hill race just secured 2nd senior female, see where that couch to 5k leads, well done Becky.

For the men, 1st was Matt Sullivan of Shettleston Harriers followed by Adam Anderson of HHRC and third was Rory Longmore also of HHRC.

For the women, 1st was Rosie Allen of HHRC although she was pushed closely by Alison Banford, 3rd female was Janet Priestley of HHRC. See full results below.

These races could never happen if it wasn’t for the cooperation of the local landowners, so I am sure I speak for all the runners and those involved in giving a big thankyou to Colin Armstrong who went out of his way to help us by moving stock at very short notice, also Jane Jackson and Brian Maltis for access to their property.

Thank you also to those directly involved: Jim Buchannan, Nigel Priestley (who despite shattering his shoulder bone only two weeks ago when cycling in Tenerife was there doing far too much to help at the race), Jean Robson for taking the super photos, John Robson for Marshalling, Joan who, despite not being a member, helped out marvellously with the time keeping and all the other club members who assisted at registration putting out signs etc. Finally, thanks to the Moffat Mill who set aside half of their café for the after-race prize giving despite being very busy.

Kevin Plummer
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